What Is The Difference Between Boxing Shoes & Wrestling Shoes

Do you participate in boxing or wrestling? Can you tell what the difference there is between the shoes recommended for each game? Of course, not many of us understand these differences. The two shoes feature lightweight traits, form-fitting, and boot-like making. And one may, therefore, confuse them to be of the same type.

To have a clear understanding of boxing vs wrestling shoes differences, you have to look deep into the sports. The differences are unnoticeable especially if you have not been into these games in the past. In this article, therefore, we aim to outline the significant differences that you can notice from the two shoes. These include;

1. The Materials used in the making

Boxing shoes feature lightweight leather and suede materials. They should also feature textured rubber outsoles. Also, you can spend some additional cash and purchase a brand that incorporates mesh into their boxing shoes. Mesh prevents the footwear from getting heavy with the sweats.


On the other hand, wrestling shoes will feature synthetics that are lightweight with mesh uppers. They also feature rubber soles that protect you from sliding. The brand considered must be flexible to make sure that your feet can move in any directions without causing you any discomforts.

2. Boots Height

Boxing shoes need a more significant height in comparison to the wrestlers. And this is so as boxers are more likely to fall unknowingly and this can result in an injury.

As a result, you can find some boxing shoes that have an ankle height of up to 12 inches.

You can also consider the low-top boxing shoes, but they recommend that you tape your ankles before the competitions. On the other hand, wrestlers will fall more often, but the difference is that they are aware of such and so they stay prepared.

3. Variation in the Soles

The soles of the two sporting shoes are also different. The bottoms for the wrestling shoes have ridges which help to cut into the wrestling mat. Such allows you to have a firm grip into the surface and avoid making a slide. The sole should also feature curved circles that will enable you to have traction in every direction.


On the other hand, Boxing shoes consist of a smooth bottom that allows you to make quick movements. For forward and backward traction, the sole should feature grooves and textures in them. The only commonality between the two is the thinness of the outsoles.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is also a significant difference between the two types of sports shoes. For the wrestling case, your feet will be in different positions in seconds. Also, the ankles need to have an increased level of freedom. As a result, wrestling shoes should always exhibit more flexibility in comparison to boxing shoes.

While in a boxing play, your feet will only make short and sharp movements that are in an upright position. No much flexibility is necessary for this field.

Final Verdict

The above-discussed points are the main differences between the two types of shoes. However, the two will share a lot of similarities. And the good thing is that they keep track of modern technology to make sure that you experience improved performance when in the pitch. You should, however, consider making purchases only from reputable sellers.