The Importance of Real Estate Photographers

Gone are the days where people used to move from one place to another in search of real estate to settle in. Today, the technology is at its best and you can do your search online at the comfort of your home. According to experts, 98% of buyers perceive real estate photos as most important when searching for a place to settle in.

With that in mind, the first impression is paramount as it determines whether buyers like your property or not.

It goes without saying that every homeowner would like to sell or rent their properties as soon as possible and that’s why you should consider hiring a real estate photographer to take high-quality images. Wondering the need to hire a real estate photographer when you can take the photos by yourself? Well, let’s find out.

1. They have the equipment

Many people prefer taking photographs all by themselves and save the money they would otherwise use to pay real estate photographers. However, you need to understand that real estate photography involves a lot of expertise and technical equipment for it to stand out.


For example, there’s no single buyer who will be attracted to dark spaces. So if you want to take the photographs by yourself, how will you deal with lack of natural light in your house? It would be wise to hire real estate photographers as they are equipped with the necessary equipment; they have the necessary lights, advanced lenses, Photoshop proficiency among others.

2. They make the final product stunning

The fact that you take good photos when you go on a hike does not mean you can as well take exceptional real estate photographs. At times, it is hard to make crowded parts of your room visible and because you want to sell your property as fast as possible, hire an expert in that area.

A professional real estate photographer will tell what lighting setup, angles, and staging will make your property stand out and according to research, homes that demonstrate professional photos sell like a hot cake.

3. They understand the medium

Professional photographers are simply artists who have dedicated their lives to shooting pictures and transforming them into their career. This means that they have the knowledge to take exceptional photographs that match their artistic integrity.


In other words, real estate photographers use their amazing understanding of the medium and the real estate business to make your house look stunning and attractive.

4. Professional photos create an emotional connection

Have you ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, that’s true in the real estate industry and when looking for a house online and see a certain image, it creates an emotional reaction.

This means that most buyers love your property based on ‘love at first sight’. In other words, the first twenty seconds are enough for the buyer to decide to rent/buy your property or not and a professional real estate photographer will do anything in his/her power to make your property eye-catching.

5. They take their time in editing

Professional real estate photographers love what they do and because they want your property to sell like a hot cake, they take quality time doing editing.


They choose the photos that will create attention and edit them before including them in the photo tour. In addition, they ensure that photos are displayed in a logical order and as a buyer, you’ll understand how the house is from the living to the bedroom.

Bottom line

We are in the 21st century and as people use the power of the internet to connect with other people across the world, businesses have not been left behind. If you want to sell your property, hire a professional real estate photographer because they have the ability to make your ordinary home look extraordinary. Besides expertise, they are dedicated to what they do and when you trust them, you will definitely reap the payoff.