Is Daily Running Good Or Bad

Ideally, running is part of a regular exercise in the life of an active human being. It helps to keep one fit through the burning of extra calories in the body. It is also beneficial and cost-effective for people trying to cut weight without necessarily going to the gym or undergoing some medical remedies. This type of exercise is also important to the internal body organs as it makes the heart stronger, improves the resistance of infections, and also improves the cardiovascular system, among many others.

Although running can either be good or bad as a form of exercise to human beings, the source article below presents both sides.

The Positive Side of Running

Regular running enables the easy flow of blood through the veins, helps maintain weight, and one is able to be in a good mood hence living a healthy lifestyle.


Joints and bones are strengthened through regular running off-road, thus avoid heavy training mileages and improves shock absorption.

Running is good in that it has physiological benefits such as improved resistance to infection, improves the cardiovascular system, and strengthens the heart.

Through running, legs get stronger, and also the upper body will be employed for posture and driving the arms, especially on the hills.Running improves bone density as it lowers the risk of getting osteoporosis that way; as one grows older, chances of breaking bones are fewer.

Running increases endorphin levels in the brain, which are the brain’s natural feel-good chemicals. They help in boosting metabolism and enable a positive sense of wellbeing.It lowers the risk of developing depression, which happens to be mental health.

Couple running

Running reduces the risk of being infected with cancer. It does not necessarily cure cancer, but it will majorly reduce the risk of acquiring certain cancers. For those who have already been diagnosed with cancer, running will help to improve their life quality while undergoing chemotherapy though it should be approved by the doctor.

The Negative Side of Running

Running is an addictive obsessive activity, especially to marathon runners as they set weekly goals to cover longer mileage and using almost the whole day running because they cannot afford to miss their training.

Repeated running takes its toll on bones, especially the knees joints, which are mostly close to getting injured.Running can also be a boring activity because of using the same routes on either a daily basis or a weekly basis, and the same time, it becomes a dull moment.

Running causes muscle imbalances because runners do pay attention to upper body training and force on legs training more. Hence making many runners have weaker upper bodies, thus imbalance. This could be a dangerous activity if one overdoes it. For example, the American runner guru Jim Fixx, died of a heart attack while training.Running increases the tearing of muscles or straining.