How To Take Amazing Disneyland Photos

Disneyland is one of the most photographed and magical places in the world. The Disney Parks are designed to be completely gorgeous. However, Disneyland can be an overwhelming place that is full of so many things to look at. Therefore, photographing your Disneyland visit can be challenging.

There is a reason why Disneyland hires several professional photographers to capture photos at the best spots and sell customers high-quality images at premium prices.

However, even if you are not a photographer, you can take high-quality Disneyland photos. The following disneyland photo tips will have you covered on style and technique.

Search for inspiration

At times, it is difficult to figure out the exact pictures to capture. Therefore, you can search your favorite Instagram accounts and Disney blogs for some ideas on the possible photos to capture at Disneyland.

Plan for the shots you want to get

Planning for some of the shots you would want to get will enable you to get better quality photos. This includes thinking about the outfits you would want in the picture. For instance, when photographing children, it would be wise to ensure that the outfits they are wearing complement each other and the surroundings.



If you have not visited Disney in the past, seek out inspiration. Check out the photos you love and see what the subjects wore and the colors you may have around you. In addition, plan the special locations you would like to photograph and determine the best times to capture images in those places.

Step back

Stepping back means ensuring that you capture photos showing the scenery of Disney, such as a popular ride or the castle. You can use a camera with a wide-angle lens or an iPhone to capture such images.

There are many things to capture at Disneyland. For instance, on Main Street, there are horses, cars, and trolleys.

Find the light

When capturing photos at Disneyland, finding the light can make a difference in the quality of the images. Since is usually sunny in Southern California, you may find that you are fighting against the bright sun when attempting to capture images.


Fortunately, Disneyland has many tall buildings and spots, which offer the perfect photographing opportunities along with nice light. You may also take advantage of the attractions and trees to create sun flare, filter the light and see the shadows created by the light.

Get close

As you stand in the crowds of people looking at all the attractions in Disney, you may overlook the details. However, if you photograph those details, you will be glad when you view the images at home. Capturing the details closely can help tell the story and remind you of the experience.

Some of the details to capture include various kinds of paved paths, Mickey Mouse shaped railing designs and a wide range of colors. Remember to shoot images in the balloons, Mickey ears, the souvenirs, and other things you want to look back on.

Look out for less popular places

Not all places in Disneyland are that popular. However, some of the less popular places also offer good photo opportunities. An example is Saywer Island, which has many buildings, paths and trees.



Many of the main walkway areas get crowded. Therefore, look beyond them for places that tend to have attractive landscaping, a variety of backdrops and benches.

Capture the activities you engage in

You and your family can engage in many activities on your Disneyland trip. Examples include going for the ride and parades, looking for hidden Mickeys and gathering pressed pennies from the penny machines. Photographing these activities is essential.

These images can even make a fun photo project for your kids. Hand them the camera and have them capture the hidden Mickeys as you find them or shoot all the trading pins as they collect them throughout the trip.

Do not stress the kids about having to look at the camera

Children become over excited when they meet their favorite cartoon and movie characters. Some characters may also terrify them. It is vital to adapt. This could mean holding your kid on the outside of the photo because he or she is scared of the characters or capturing the interaction when your kids run up to meet their favorite hero.


Either way, do not stress over capturing the best photo, particularly with young children because this may not happen. However, this does not mean that the photos will not be amazing.By following these tips, you can capture your Disneyland trip like a professional, regardless of your level of expertise.