How Do You Run Outside In The Winter?

Have you ever tried running in the cold, especially during winter? Well, it sucks, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. You may employ some special preparation strategies to make you comfortable even when running for longer durations in the winter.

The weather is so cold out there, and you can’t just wake up and begin jogging without any preparations. Your muscles will lock up, causing some joint pains hence making it uncomfortable to run in the low temperatures.

Below are some of the top tips you may consider for running outside in the winter.

1. Thorough warm-up


Spend more time warming up your body. This helps to relax your body muscles and joints. Your body temperatures will also rise to make you sweat heavily. Running in the winter with such body temperatures does not hurt at all.

2. Wear base layer

A base layer provides a thick coating hence keeping you warm as you run in the cold temperatures. You may add more layers of the base based on the temperatures. If it is freezing, then you may need to add extra cushion to provide some warmth and also repel moisture giving you a comfortable time as you run in the winter.

3.Warm your hands and head

Your hands may get stuff and numb in the cold temperatures, and you, therefore, need to wear some gloves to keep you warm. You can also wear earmuffs to keep your head warm.

4. Finish fast

Your body temperatures will significantly drop when you stop running, and you can, therefore, make a fast-finishing or even make the finishing at your doorstep. You may also take a hot drink to maintain high temperatures. You may also find more information on the running tips on the article on


Cold temperatures are a great challenge to many runners, but with some special preparations, it should be comfortable. Consider the above tips to prepare for a successful run in the winter adequately.