How Do Psychological Factors Affect Sports Performance?

There are certain ways that your brain can interfere with your sports performance. While there are too many factors that can influence you to describe in one article, there are a few major obstacles. The following are some of the ways your brain can affect the way you play sports:

1. Overthinking

When it comes to sports, overthinking can actually make things worse. The worst part about this though is that your coach might not know when you have a question or you just are psyching yourself out.


This is when you need to be your own best advocate. Find a way to determine whether you are freaking out or just need clarification right before a sporting event. This is especially true for performance sports such as synchronized swimming. For more information on sports performance, go to this page.

2. Mental Illness

Mental illness is a major player when it comes to sports performance. Mental illness can cause many abnormal states for the brain to be in.

Think about trying to perform at your peak with a broken brain. It would just be like someone taking a test without getting any treatment for a broken leg.


Although mental illness is not a visible injury, it can still affect sports performance quite a bit. Don’t assume that you can ignore your health in this area and use sports as a way to escape. You take yourself out on the field in every game.

3. Worry about other Aspects of Life

Athletes who have a lot of troubles in other areas of life often cannot disconnect when on the field. And even if they can, their training has been affected by their problems in other areas of life. Although no one can have a worry free life, if worrying is taking over sports, then a person should consider getting a therapist for help.