Are Compression Sleeves As Good As Compression Socks?

Compression gear is beneficial to anyone living an active life. Some of the trending and effective compression gear include compression sleeves and compression socks. They are used for relieving painful symptoms, reducing the probability of future injury, and providing support during exercises.

However, most people get confused on which one to choose between compression sleeves that offer compression from the calf to the ankle and compression socks that go up to the feet. Here is a look at whether compression sleeves are as good as compression socks.

They Both Provide Relief

Compression sleeves just as the compression socks are effective in applying consistent pressure to the lower leg arteries allowing increased oxygen supply to the muscles and relaxation. The sleeves provide graduated compression that reduces towards the calf, helping to pup the deoxygenated blood to the heart.


Both the gears can be worn during exercises for pain alleviation in conditions such as shin splints, calf cramps and calf tendon strains. In fact, sleeves are the better choice in providing greater relief.

They Are Cooler Aesthetically and Physically

Majority of runners insist that compression sleeves are more stylish than compression socks. You can find this product on amazon in any design and style you want to make you stand out from the other athletes.

During the races, you will notice that most professional athletes mostly prefer sleeves. More so, compression socks get uncomfortably hot, especially during exercises.

With the compression sleeves being open from the ankle to the foot, it allows foot airflow making it more comfortable.

Compression Sleeves Allow You to Double Up

Lots of athletes are particular about their gear and are not willing to abandon it for a new one. Unlike compression socks, sleeves enable you to experience compression without having to sacrifice your favorite blue socks or your preferred footwear.


If you love to run in the rain, the sleeves will keep your muscles supported while also allowing you to wear a moisture-wicking sock to keep the feet’s dry.


Both compression sleeves and socks are effective to wear for recovery and performance. Compression sleeves are as good as compression socks, and your choice depends on your personal taste.