7 Most Common Running Injuries

Running is an activity that many enjoy in order to keep your body in shape. On the other hand, running comes handy with a number of injuries. Running injuries are very common and usually happen when pushing you too hard. The movement of your body will also play a role in your injuries. The following are the seven most common running injuries.

1. Runner’s Knee

The runner’s knee is common among many injuries. There are different causes of runner’s knee.

• When the kneecap is out of the alignment

• If the cartilage on the kneecap wears out.

here are reasons why cartilage can wear out; when running up and down the stairs or squatting.

2. Stress Fracture


The stress fracture is a crack on your bone that causes too much discomfort and pain too. The shin and the feet is the area that is majorly affected. It happens when you run before to body getting used to the new activity. If you continue running, the pain will be worse. Consider resting in such a case.

3. Shin Splint

The shin splint is pain that affects the front or in the shin bone. A tear can occur on the shinbone which may seem small. It is common when someone changes their routine workout to a more intense like running for long distances.

4. Hamstring Strains

The hamstring makes up the majority of the muscle at the back of your thigh. An injury at the hamstring is common and takes time to heal. Such an injury can be due to an issue in your flexibility. Try and slow your pace or take shorter strides to ease the pain.

5. Achilles Tendinitis


When the Achilles tendons are under much pressure, a sharp pain is felt. The Achilles tendon connects the two muscles at the back of your heel. The tendon will tighten and feel an irritation that causes pain at the back of your foot.

6. Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fasciitis is an injury that involves a tear and inflammation of tendons and ligaments on your foot. The tear causes pain that feels like a bruise on the arch or heel.

7. Iliotibial Band Syndrome

On your thigh, there is a band running along on the outside that connects the hip to your knee and shin. When the area gets irritated, you can experience pain on the outer knee joint. The irritation happens when the ligaments become thick and rub with the knee bone causing an inflammation