6 Tips For A Mindful Exercise Routine

For exercises to meet their desired goal, they must be done in a way that the body and mind connect. The whole body should share the purpose of engaging in any exercises for desired results. Yoga is one exercise that engages the mind and body; you can meditate and feel the freshness in the soul.

However, yoga is not the only exercise that engages the whole body. There other exercises that we can participate in but in a mindfulness-based practice. Below are 6 tips for a mindful exercise routine;

1.Clear intention.

Before beginning any type of exercise,make sure you have the clear intentions of what you want to gain from the exercises.Let your intentions be the motivating factor you work through.


Your intentions should also influence the activities you engage in. If you decide to take a morning run each day, cycle to work, hit the gym 3 times a week; stick to that to meet your intentions.

2. Feel your body.

Never force your body to do something you do not feel like. Be very sensitive on the state of your body. If you have aching muscles or anybody discomfort, consider relaxing. Working against your mind will not yield you any positive results.

3.Realize your environment

When exercising, you should always make sure your adjacent environment is set for you. Make sure it is conducive for you; best temperature, ventilation, no odor that may destruct you, etc. Make sure the environment allows you to concentrate on your exercises fully.

4. Always observe posture.

When exercising, always make sure you are doing it in the right posture. This is to avoid straining your muscles unnecessarily. The backbone may also be affected if you strained it while doing your exercises. Make sure you are in the right posture to enable equal distribution of energy in the body while working out.

5. Rely on your breath.


Always watch your breath. When breathing, it means that oxygen s being distributed in the body. When exercising,your breath might be high or extremely high according to the exercise you are engaged in. Make sure you find the right rhythm for each exercise to avoid over-straining your lungs.

6. Stay on target.

Never shift your focus midway. It is very normal to give up in the gym or being tempted to also engage in other exercises. Stick to your goal. Be disciplined in your training.Plan a schedule to help you distribute your various exercises to avoid over concentrating on some exercises.

The above mindful tips are essential when engaging in exercises for optimum results.